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A recipient of the Pacific Business News’ 40 Under 40 award, Kimberly Dey is an entrepreneur and established equestrian. This website is where you can hope to learn more about Kimberly, from her professional career to her personal achievements and awards in sports.

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About – To learn more about Kimberly Dey, visit her About page for more information about her work as President of Renaissance Property Associates, as well as her achievements in equestrian sport and philanthropic endeavors for student-athletes. This page will also contain a brief biography about her work in private charitable organizations and the causes she cares about.

Real Estate – Meanwhile, to learn more about real estate investment and development in general, visit the Real Estate page. Kimberly is always open to sharing her thoughts and experiences in the industry, as she believes that real estate is a key driver of wealth. At Renaissance Property Associates, Kimberly Dey overlooks management of the company’s portfolio of properties.

Healthy Living – As a world-class equestrian, Kimberly Dey believes in healthy living. In fact, one of her advocacies is fitness. You may visit the Healthy Living page to gain more insight on the importance of keeping active and how Kimberly juggles her various roles. This page will contain informative posts and helpful tips which are specially curated by Kimberly for her readers.

Blog – Finally, visit the Blog page to follow Kimberly’s interests, including real estate investment and development, and healthy living. This page is her digitized quest as an entrepreneur and instigator. In the coming updates, this page is also where readers may send their questions and reach out to Kimberly.

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