Kimberley Dey Health and Fitness Page

Kimberly Dey is an established equestrian who has received her share of honors and awards in the sport. She holds the distinction of being the first Asian-American to win the World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider for two consecutive years.

When you are involved in any sport, living healthy is critical to your success, and Kimberly Dey knows this well. She knows that she must be in top shape at all times for her to not only meet the demands of her equestrian training but more importantly, to make sure that she has energy left for other important things as well.

Kimberly Dey also knows that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness—even more, perhaps, which is why she also makes sure to take care of her mental health. Apart from eating a healthy diet, religiously following her fitness regimen, and staying away from “bad” habits like smoking and drinking (excessively), she also makes sure that she gets a good night’s rest every day.

Kimberly Dey knows only too well the consequences of not getting enough sleep: you feel sluggish in the morning, cranky even, and unable to do your tasks as efficiently as you’d hoped. And those are just the physical consequences of lack of sleep! When you feel sluggish, you tend to reach for things that might give you an instant boost—your instant pick-me-up—which usually means sugared drinks, lots of coffee, and junk food.

In this regard, Kimberly Dey wishes to share her own experiences and her personal thoughts on health and fitness to the public through this page. She hopes that you will make this page a “healthy habit.” She invites you to bookmark this page to keep updated on her latest posts.

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