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Kimberly is delighted to have you here on her humble blog. This page will contain her thoughts and opinions on real estate investment and development, as well as healthy living. She currently serves as President of Renaissance Property Associates, a team of property management specialists in Oyster Bay, New York. Outside the office, Kimberly is a world-class equestrian and an initiator of various charitable affairs. This page is where you can get up close and personal with Kimberly, beyond her professional capacities.

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Real Estate Investment and Development

Real estate is one of the oldest and most profitable asset classes, but Kimberly Dey believes that investors should couple their own research with expert advice. There are many stories of ordinary investors who flip and invest in rental properties. While these are inspirational at best, they don’t always contain actionable advice. Kimberly Dey decided to put up this blog to help investors get more information about the industry and what’s happening on the ground. Because of Renaissance Property Associates’ long history working in Oyster Bay, Kimberly will also talk about historic properties and why high net worth investors should consider them in their real estate portfolio. Aside from properties, investors may also consider historic buildings or historic districts even. This blog will talk about the pros and cons of historic real estate and what investors can do to maximize their investment, among other topics.

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Healthy Living

Kimberly Dey is passionate about healthy living and fitness. There is a lot of information online about healthy living, such as meal preparation, diet, and counting nutrients, but what people may struggle with the most is putting it all together and sticking to their plan. Kimberly wants to share tips and insights on how one can stay disciplined, living a healthy life in the process. Whether you’re in your twenties or nearing retirement, healthy living and fitness should be a priority. The contents of this blog are written to be easily understandable so you can get started on improving the areas in your life that need fixing. If you’re not a fan of “healthy” because it’s “boring” or “bland”, then this blog will change the way you think! Kimberly Dey is known for her contributions to the business community, and now she is set to do the same for your life.

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