Kimberly Dey’s 3 Rules for a Healthy Diet

Most of the time, 24 hours just isn’t enough for Kimberly Dey. With her various charities and businesses, she finds that there’s just not enough time in the day to accomplish everything she needs to do. But regardless of how busy she is, Kimberly Dey never compromises on food. Tempting as it is to reach for that bag of chips when she’s under a lot of pressure at work, or to skip breakfast because, well, “who has time for breakfast?”; she still makes sure to never leave home without having had a good breakfast first.

If you keep a busy schedule like Kimberly Dey, here are her top three tips for other working women who want to maintain a healthy mind and body:

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Never skip breakfast

Regardless of how busy your day is going to be, you should make time for breakfast. Starting the day with a good and healthy breakfast gives you the energy you need to do your morning tasks. What’s more, studies reveal that eating a healthy breakfast helps you lose weight—and keep it off. A fiber-rich breakfast like oatmeal or bran cereal keeps hunger pangs at bay, which means you won’t be reaching for that quick-fix of junk food to get you by until lunch time.

Stock up on healthy fats

Healthy fats help keep stress levels down, according to research. For Kimberly Dey, her regular source of healthy fats includes avocados, almonds, salmon, olives, and walnuts. Healthy fats also give you energy minus the calories. Kimberly suggests that you snack on these between meals to keep you energized and to keep hunger at bay until your next meal.

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Pack your lunch

Fast food is almost always the go-to food for busy working women. While this could make you feel full, the feeling doesn’t last long—not long enough to keep you from getting hungry until dinner, at least. It’s an instant boost that also instantly disappears. Instead, pack a healthy lunch. If you don’t have time to prepare it in the morning, do so the night before. You can also make your healthy lunch in batches, so you’ll have something ready for the whole week.

It doesn’t take much to stay on the healthy track. You only need to be disciplined about it. Don’t think of it as depriving yourself, too, adds Kimberly Dey. Instead, think of it as a good investment—for your mind and body, as well as your overall well-being.